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Transmission Repair in Columbia

Transmission problems can cause a serious halt to your routine driving if you ignore your transmission problems for too long. The longevity of your vehicle could extensively suffer too. It is therefore very crucial to schedule transmission repair at the earliest sign of transmission problems. Look for a professional transmission shop in your area for Read More…

Affordable Transmission Rebuild in Columbia

Automatic and standard transmissions are very complex. Adding to the complexity in the newer vehicles of today is the use of computers in both engines and transmissions. Proper diagnostic testing is a must in pinpointing existing problems. At that point, a decision can be made as to whether you need a new transmission or if Read More…

Automatic Transmission Repair

Repairing an automatic transmission is easier said than done. There are several types of automatic transmissions: Hydraulic, semi-automatic and continuously variable transmissions (CVT). That’s why it’s best to have a qualified shop and technician handle the repairs for you. The most common type of transmission is the hydraulic. At Spring Valley Goodyear our team of Read More…


Brakes are your first line of defense against any accidents or collisions on and off the road. So it’s important that you get them checked out before they begin to fail or make noises. If you’re like most drivers in Columbia, you only get your brakes checked once you notice that something’s wrong. It’s important Read More…

Choosing the Right Brake Pads

So you’ve found out that your brake pads are wearing out, and it’s time for a replacement. But did you know that there are multiple types of brake pads, made from different materials and suited to the different needs of cars and driving styles? Here’s a quick guide to help you select the right brake Read More…

Warning Lights On

Dashboard Warning Lights – The Check Engine Light It’s a busy weekday morning. You barely get out the door in time, and when you get to the car, start the ignition, and a dashboard warning light comes on- the check engine light. Uh-oh. The check engine light is probably every driver’s most hated warning light. Read More…

Replacing the Air Filter

We all fear that time of spring when everything turns yellow in color and everyone we know seems to come down with hay fever. The effects of pollen on air quality during spring are obvious in indoor and outdoor settings, but it’s really important not to neglect the effects of pollen on your car. When Read More…

When is it Time for Struts & Shocks Repair

Knowing when to take your vehicle into the auto shop for struts and shocks repair can be kind of tricky. The damping characteristics of shocks and struts diminish slowly over time, making it difficult to detect a problem. Usually when a driver notices that there is a problem, it’s well past the time of needing Read More…

Seasonal Tire Pressure

Having the correct tire pressure is an important part of regular maintenance of your car, and it’s also a necessity for being a good driver. The amount of air pressure in your tires has an immediate effect on the quality of your driving, especially when braking and turning. Aside from these concerns, seasonal temperature changes Read More…

Winter Automotive Maintenance

Adjusting to the winter months takes some effort, and some of that effort should go in to winter automotive maintenance. No matter where you live, the changing seasons present a challenge to your vehicle, and probably more than you realize. A lot goes in to keeping your ride riding smoothly, and any car maintenance issues Read More…


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